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Frequently Asked Questions


I'm having trouble registering, what should I do?


I'm interested in an affiliation, what should I do?

If you do not have a member account on here but would like an affiliation, please contact Castiel at CastielRRP@yahoo.com.

My account was deleted for inactivity, what do I do?

If your account was deleted after being inactive for 90 days, contact one of the administrators. We move all deleted accounts' threads to an archive so we can easily move them back on the forum if you wish. Same goes for your characters. We can transfer ownership of the character and restore them as well. The best Admin to contact currently is Castiel.

Who should I contact if I have a question?

You can contact any member of Staff. The Staff List is here.

The Rebel Account is a dummy account and should not be contacted directly with questions.

The best person to contact currently is Castiel.

I'm new, where do I start?

If you've just signed up the first thing you should do is check out the PM sent to you. It's automated, but it has useful links to help you navigate the site. After that, check out the rules located here. Once done with that, head on over to the Introductions forum and introduce yourself! If you are stuck on what to put into an introduction take a look at the Introduction Guide or check out others' intros. After that you should head on over to the Requests and Interest Checks section and look through threads in there or create your own!

What is RRP?

Rebellion Roleplaying, or RRP, is a multi-genre 18+ roleplaying website. The site is dedicated to letting the members run it.

Are character accounts allowed?

Character accounts are allowed here but we may need to verify your actual age if you put your character's birthdate instead of your actual birthdate.

Do I need to have characters approved and am I required to create a character application?

For the most part you do not need to have characters approved or to create a character profile.

However, this may vary depending on Group RPs. Some require character applications, but that is strongly dependent on the moderators of the Group RP.

There may sometimes be an extra step that the Staff have to take when you do post a character profile on the Character page to approve them to show up on the page, but this happens rarely and usually the characters are approved right away.

What are Credits and how do I get them?

Credits are just a currency feature. You can use your credits to buy graphics from the Emporium or to pay to become VIP.

Credits are added to your account for reading threads, logging in, posting, and just general surfing around the site. Interest is also added to your credits everyday.

We don't have a lot of features for credits right now, but if you have any ideas feel free to contact a Staff Member or start a thread in the Suggestion Box!

How do I send a PM?

It's very simple :) Click on the member's name who you want to send a PM to and then click on "Start a Conversation" once their member card pops up.

How do I find Roleplays?

There are several different ways to find RPs.
  • If you haven't already make your own Request Thread or Interest Check Thread here for General Requests/Interest Checks or here for Fandoms.
  • Look through other's requests threads.
  • PM members to see who is looking for RPs currently.
  • Look through the Open Roleplays and Open Fandoms Forums and hop into them!
  • Post a status but try not to spam the wall.

What is voting and am I required to do it?

Voting isn't mandatory but it would help out RRP a lot. Voting for RRP means you like the site and support us. It would help to bring in more members so everyone can find partners and aren't waiting around forever. So if you want more partners and to see a lot of people here then vote for us!

To vote, click on the link in the scrolling notices at the top of the page. We are on two websites, TopRP Sites and RPG Fix.
On TopRP Sites you can vote every 24 hours and on different devices with different IPs.
On RPG Fix you can also vote every 24 hours unless you make a user account. Then you can vote every 12 hours and on different devices with different IPs as well!

What are the Rules?

Here at RRP, we prefer to call them guidelines. We don't have too many limitations since we pride ourselves in letting the members have mostly free reign on everything. If you haven't yet, head over to the Guidelines thread and do so :)
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