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As an Experienced Roleplayer...

Discussion in 'Rant Threads' started by Pastel Rivaille, Apr 3, 2016.

  1. Pastel Rivaille

    Pastel Rivaille draғтed draғтed

    I love role playing, I really, really do. It lets me relieve stress from work and college, but sometimes it absolutely drives me up a wall. This is my rant! Note: I will use the letter 'B' to signify the other person. There are no correlations, so chill and let me write a rant. Also, I have to apologize. English is not my first language. I respect everyone! -Don'ts hurts te snuggle-muffin ;~;-

    I absolutely hate it when, if I specify how many lines minimum a response needs to be, B decides to be a little... you get what I'm saying. Anywho, B decides "Hey, fuck the starter you've spent twenty minutes of your time on, I'm going to give half assed, one liners!" Ugh. And normally, when I politely ask B to write more than that and use correct grammar so on and so forth, B gets pissy with me. it's like, excuse you, I wrote this, not you. You came asking, not me. I wrote the 'rules' to MY role play, not YOU. Once, some jack ass said, and I quote, "Fine. We'll do it your way." Excuse me?

    If it's a more sexual role play, Sweet Chris Motionless. I always specify 'long term' and 'slow build,' yet what do I find? Twenty comments in, {input sexual response here}. Usually it's the same ones with the whole line issue. Always, actually, in my experience. Uuuuuggghhhhhhh I role play to forget horny idiots who can't keep it in their pants for a bit, not find more! -If that statement confuses you, guilty! Gayby, right here.-

    Final rant, I think! I'm usually pretty good with my grammar. Japanese is my first language, so seldom if B's character asks mine how -normally- he is doing, I might accidentally say 'Being well.' B most likely responds with WTF and I have to explain "Hey, jackass, didn't you learn anything in high school? Nt the entire fucking world speaks English as a native language. And, no offense to any Americans whatever, but I've found that the some of the people who live in America (kicking at about 293) I have role played with in the past have such bad grammar, but get so offended if I screw up. I don't understand the 'shortening words' thing. How hard is it to type Y O U? Like, sorry I put a comma where it doesn't belong. But what really confuses me is when people in general who don't use good grammar can perfectly point out my little mistakes, yet they use such bad grammar I can't read!

    Well, that's my rant. Sorry it's so long and I hope I didn't offend anyone! Condolences if I did!
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