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Rebel! (Guidelines for Anarchy)

Discussion in 'Rules and Tips for Rebels' started by Rebel, May 1, 2014.

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  1. Rebel

    Rebel coммandanт adмιnιѕтraтor

    Apr 30, 2014
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    Welcome to the Rebellion, where you can roleplay what you like and how you like it.
    Here we strive to give people the roleplay experience they have been denied by so many other places. This is your site, your home, so express yourself. Whatever be your social norms or taboos none of them will be judged here. We are here to insure that no one steps on your toes, and encourage you to rebel against what society expects of you.Welcome to the Rebellion, where you can roleplay what you like and how you like it. However, like all great things, there are guidelines we have to follow.

    • Rule Number One:
    We have zero tolerance for harassment of any kind.
    If you feel you are being harassed by a member, contact a staff member right away. Do not engage in further conversations with the individual. Step. Away. We will handle the situation promptly and efficiently.
    • Rule Number Two:
    Do not call other members out.
    Feel free to rant all you like in the rant threads, they are there for our aggression. However, if you call a member out by name that warrants as a warning and the post will be removed. If you feel a post is about you, you may address the person personally and privately. Don't start any drama in the threads. Take note if you feel something is about you and you address it in the thread, you've called yourself out. And made yourself look guilty. And you will be warned. Don't ruin it for everyone else.
    If you feel the comment is too personal, contact a member of staff. We will review the complaint and go from there.

    • Rule Number Three:
    No Child pornography!
    This means no Loli-con, no shota-con. No Loli or shota pictures or anything that may display a minor in an intimate manner.
    Also, as we are an 18+ site, characters in RPs and the like need to be 18+ as well if you want to include smut, erotica, sexual acts, etc You are allowed to play characters under 18, but there is to be no 18+ content with said characters.

    Breaking this rule may result in automatic ban.
    • Rule Number Four:
    No pornographic images!
    If you must have an image of that nature, it must be labled NSFW (Not safe for work) and placed in spoiler tags. Refusal to follow this rule will result in a warning.
    • Rule Number Five:
    Be respectful!
    Remember, this is a home we all share. If you can't say anything nice, don't say it at all. Direct your aggression to the rant threads, that is what they are for. Zero tolerance for this.
    • Rule Number Six:
    Honesty is key.
    If you have been dishonest about your age and we find out, you will be addressed and possibly banned. This being said, there is mature content on this site, and we at Rebellion Roleplay are not liable for what minors may see once the Terms and Service has been accepted.
    • Rule Number Seven:
    No Godmodding.
    It takes the fun out of roleplaying for your partner. Do not take control of their characters unless you are given consent.
    • Rule Number Eight:
    Please keep your threads in the proper areas.
    If something has happened and you have places your thread in the wrong area by mistake a staff member can and will move the thread for you. We are human, and we make mistakes. However, if the mistake is made consistently, we will account it to carelessness and you may be warned.
    • Rule Number Nine
    You must be 18 years or older to sign up for RRP. No exceptions.

    ANY user found creating multiple accounts to bypass minor permissions to gain access to 18+ content will have all of their accounts banned and permanently lose access to this website.

    ANY user who refuses to cooperate with any investigations to verify their age with have all of their accounts banned and will permanently lose access to this website.

    We also ask that if a person has more than one account, that both are active.

    • Rule Number Ten
    Do NOT disrespect and/or ignore the Staff. We have minimal rules here if you notice. Very, very few that actually impede your freedom on the site, but this is our site. We built it, for you, so you can have freedom to enjoy Roleplay with minimal restrictions. If Staff PCs you, there is a reason. Do not ignore them and do not disrespect them. If they are addressing you, it is likely for a reason that affects you and/or the fluidity of the site. This site is your world, your way. That doesn't mean it is anarchy and chaos. Order has to be established, regardless of how little that "law" might interfere. We don't interfere or give you advice or warnings because we feel like it. We're members just like you, the last thing we want is to have to warn you or address you for something small, but it has to be done to protect you and the other members. We're just here so you guys don't kill each other.
    • Rule Number Eleven
    Do not advertise any site on this site or poaching others to join said advertised site. If you want to affiliate, please contact an administrator. If you are caught advertising, we have the right to ban your account immediately. No questions asked.
    • Rule Number Twelve
    Do not double post excessively. It is unnecessary and you can easily fit everything you want to into one post or edit your post accordingly. Double posting causes our automatic spam bot to pin your account as spam which can result in warnings and bans without our knowledge. The ONLY exception for this is for journal entries or if you're "bumping" up a post. Even then, there is no need to bump your post up every single day and try to wait 24 hours before posting another journal entry as that is when everything resets again.
    • Rule Number Thirteen
    Be active, please! Any account that remains inactive for more than 90 days may be 'purged'. This means that the account will be deleted (however, all threads and things of the like will remain up to ONE YEAR after the date of purge. After that, threads, characters, and the like will be permanently deleted. You have been warned.)

    This is a place built and designed for your comfort. It is your world. your way. And we can guarantee that here, we won't let anyone tell you how to play pretend. Your imagination is free! As long as we can follow these simple rules, everything will be peachy keen!
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