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Writing Contest Suggestions!

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box' started by Rebel, Aug 25, 2014.

  1. Rebel

    Rebel coммandanт adмιnιѕтraтor

    Apr 30, 2014
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    Hello fellow Rippers!

    As mentioned in this announcement, we would like to hear from YOU guys as to what topics and other rules and regulations you would like to see in the Writing Contests. Want fantasy? Abstract? Realistic? The choice is yours to help the Staff pick topics for the Writing Contests. It's a way to get more involved with the community and to expand upon your writing skills along with allowing others to see how you write. It can also help partners find each other for those who are still looking. So without further delay, please let us know in this topic what kind of things you would like to see from the Writing Contests!

    --Rebel and Staff
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  2. Paincake

    Paincake Prince-Warlock prιvaтe

    Jun 16, 2014
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    My suggestion: two authors write a dialogue from two characters' POVs on either free or preset topic, making corrections to each other's lines and basically working together on both characters. The most natural and seamless dialogue wins.
  3. Xavirne

    Xavirne draғтed draғтed

    There was a challenge on another site that I really liked and it involved a dice roll. Here's how it went:

    There are 15 per-determined, random themes (crime-drama, pirates plundering, space-action-adventure, kidnapping, college party, sappy comedy romance story, etc.). Each of these themes has a number associated with it. When you roll the dice, you get a random number and then you have to write a story based on what you roll. So if I rolled an 8 and 8 is a trashy love story, I would have to write a trashy love story.

    Now, the catch is the post limit/length. How about a 150 WORD story. No more, no less. So they are quick, snappy, and still enjoyable. It involves some serious thinking and planning, but it's not over the top long so it'll turn people away.

    Even though the theme is different for everyone, the whole point of the contest is to write something someone enjoys. If you roll a sucky number, you can pass and not write. Or, if you're up to the challenge, write and show off how you can spin a story.

    Oh, and you can certainly have more than 15 themes. They can be general or specific. I think a nice mix of both works best. Maybe the odds are generic like "fantasy" or "romance" and the evens are more specific like "college party at a nerd school" or "meeting your true love on unusual terms."
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  4. Sheridan

    Sheridan draғтed draғтed

    I think it'd be nice to have some fantasy contests, I've always loved fantasy because you don't have to follow all the little bits of real life, also many people view the world differently so if the world is made up then it's an open and new view. It also widens the ability to be creative.
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  5. Xavirne

    Xavirne draғтed draғтed

    Oh! I thought of something Duke and I did on another site. Holiday-themed writing events! Here's the contest we set up:

    What would an event be if there wasn't a bit of roleplaying to go along with it? I mean, this is [REDACT], right? That being said, there are some truly frightening topics to choose from...

    Kick it with the zombies and the graveyard in "Beyond the Grave." Not in the mood for rotting flesh? Well, what about werewolves and vampires? Be sure to check out "Fur & Fangs" for your good old-fashioned werewolves vs. vampire story. Not feeling the cliche? That's where the headless horseman and the pumpkin king come into play in their epic adventure known as "The Pumpkin King has My Head." Are you itching for some witchy? Join "unLUCKY 13," the theme that mixes black cats and wicked witches! And a Halloween themed event just isn't right without a ghost and haunted house tail! What say you to "Whispers in the Dark?"

    Have your characters run a muck in our pre-themed stories and let the people of [REDACT] determine whether or not you've got what it takes to reign supreme! Only you and your penmanship can helped the folks of the Haunted Hallow find salvation.

    **No age, skill, or post requirements necessary. Each pair is allowed to determine their own posting/style rules.

    And we actually let the people vote. Only, this was on a VERY dead site so we didn't have any players or winners. :(
  6. Castiel

    Castiel Allergic to Everything adмιnιѕтraтor

    May 1, 2014
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    Overnight Stocker
    Connecticut, USA
    Home Page:
    Thank you all very much, we will take all these into consideration and discus further in the future.

    However, we still need more suggestions! So c'mon guys! We want to make the Writing Contest a regular thing and would like to see participation.
    Also if yo have an suggestions for prizes and such, let us know as well in here.
  7. SpringRise

    SpringRise draғтed draғтed

    So I know that this was kind of a long time ago, but I guess it's never too late to input an idea, right? ^^ My idea is that everyone gets a story- full on beginning, middle, and end. It could be something simple about, say, a girl at prom, or a full on crime mystery with suspects and clues and all that, and the twist is that they're given a AU or a theme (sci-fi, dragons, slice of life, etc.) they have to rewrite the story in, with a different ending. So if the story was about a gardener who finds a mystical relic that they return to a magical being, then if you were given the theme 'high fantasy', it could be about a stable boy who finds a stone that allows him to see into the future or whatever, and then he becomes king with the help of the stone. I think it'd really challenge people to think out of the box and work hard to write a different, but believable ending.
  8. Underground_X13

    Underground_X13 draғтed draғтed

    I would love to see who can write the best short story. Giving a word limit which you can't go above. Then after all are submitted we all vote on the best ones with likes. And there could be other subtopics like fantasy, sci-fi, real life, ect.

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