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Animal Crossing New Horizons


«Tʜᴇ Vɪᴘᴇʀ»
Do you have some thing neat to share w everyone? Wanna gush about your island? Need fruits/flowers/bugs?

This is your thread!

What's everyone's Islands nsmes?
Mine's Shantitown. C:

Nova Wicked

Goddess of Inebriation
I have things I am trying to get rid of!

Writing Chair (Light)
Velvet Stool
Pet Bed (White and Tan)
Throwback Mitt Chair (Green and Tan)
Throwback Hat Table (Black/Orange)
Upright Locker (Green, Red, and Yellow)
Pants Press (Grey/Brown)
Tankless Toilet (Light Pink and Light Blue)
Foosball Table (Light)
Mountain Bike (Green and Blue)
Basketball Hoop (Black and Blue)
Sewing Machine (Red, Pink, and White)
Handy Water Cooler (Blue x2)
Rice Cooker (White x2)
Rattan Table Lamp (Brown x2)
Cute Music Player (Cream)
Ironing Set x2
Cartoonist Set (Tan)
Essay Set x2
Homework Set x2
Typewriter (Red and Green)
Baby Bear
Board Game (Red)
Magnetic Knife Rack
Retro Radiator
Shower Set
Bathroom Towel Rack (Gold/Brown and Bronze/White)
Broom and Dustpan (Neutral and White)
Red Heart Patterned Wall
Harmonious Wall
Green Vinyl Flooring
Red Dot Flooring
Purple Shaggy Rug
Yellow Message Mat


Angel of the Lord
My island is Nashville!

And friend code: SW-3279-8346-4402