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But First... Lemme Take a Selfie. (Post your face!)


Angel of the Lord
Tired and floofy (I haven't shave in over a month.. this is the extent of my beard growing XD) Cas.


Taoist Panda

Panda looks like Mr. Clarke from Stranger Things >_>;
I'll take this as a compliment as Mr. Clarke is an unsung hero in the show. Dude straight up explained sensory deprivation tanks over the phone to a kid while he had a lady friend on the couch. Expanding the minds of children (no matter how weird the subject) before hos. I think that's how the saying goes.


Professional Bookworm
That's exactly what it was meant to be. He was a brilliant character and one of my favorites because he actually took the time to teach things to the boys outside of school and encouraged them to learn more outside of the walls of a classroom. Not many teachers do that.