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Character Catalogues!

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Angel of the Lord
Sat 1 Dec 2018

Hello Rippers!

Since we updated to the new version of Xenforo, many of you may have noticed we no longer have the character tab in the toolbar. Sadly, we were unaware that the add-on we used for it was incompatible with this version. However, your characters are not gone. We have an old backup of the site here for you to pull your characters off it and move them over here if you so choose. The backup goes to 6 October 2018 so anything after that won't have been saved, unfortunately. This includes logging in using an old username if you've recently have had yours changed.

That being said, we've created a new section for you to post your characters' biographies and whatnot in the "OOC Chatter" section of the "Requests and Interest Checks" category, here.

We do have some rules for them, but they are, of course, always subject to change as the site grows. For now, take a gander at the four simple rules for that forum here.

If you have any questions or are having difficulty accessing the old backup, let me or another Admin know so we can get the characters for you.

Have a wonderful night! (or day, depending where you are in the world)

Not open for further replies.