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Sci-Fi -Drop pods self into rebellion-SpartanSam has arrived!


Alright so i suppose you boys and girls want to know about ME huh? well LET ME TELL YOU IM AN ADORABLE LITTLE CUPCAKE. I am 24 year old person, who works as a pharmacy technician. So my life can get pretty hectic and has been with this nasty virus and all that. but i digress! heres the best parts about me huh!?
  • How long have you been roleplaying mr spartan? Well thats easy, ive been doing it for 7 years strong now so im not a novice at it for sure
  • What do you roleplay? I roleplay mainly fandoms, with original characters that is
  • What kind of content do you like in your roleplay? Id say action and smut with a ratio of 70/30
  • How do you roleplay? i roleplay in third and fist person depending on how my partner roleplays
  • What do you look for in a partner? Patience and understanding no doubt

I think those are just the plain jane main basics, however there is more to me than meets the eye you know. But i think i will call this brief introduction good for now, you want to know more about me? just message me and i do plan on posting a request thread reaaaaaaaaal soon so we can do what we really came here to do. PLAY OF THE ROLES THATS RIGHT UHHH HUH now i bid you adiue ladies and gentle people -takes a bow-