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Elite: Dangerous and Space Combat Sims

Taoist Panda

For much of my life I have had an undying love for space and the romantic concept of captioning a ship and pirating from greedy mega-corporations and causing general havoc in the cosmos. Few games have facilitated this dream since the one that sparked the desire in the first place, Independence War 2: Edge of Chaos. It was a space flight combat sim that used Newtonian physics and a very detailed sandbox universe that gave me a level of immersion I have been seeking the equal to for a very long time, and was so far ahead of its time (2001) that I think it was widely overlooked save for people that already had an interest in flight simulator games..

Enter Elite: Dangerous

Elite was a space trading/combat game that had a cult following in the 80s that has lasted into the new millennium. With the help of a Kickstarter, Frontier (the developer) has been working on a new game that is approaching the end of its third beta phase, and even though it is still in beta I find myself losing myself in the game already. I'm brought back to warm memories of spending most of my weekends sitting on my bed with my joystick and keyboard liberating shiny cargo from unsuspecting freighters and selling it to independent factions for upgrades and credits. Not to mention the modding community that really opened up an already massive game. While obviously not a new installment of my beloved Independence War game Elite: Dangerous has so many of the things that I absolutely love that I find myself enthralled once again.

Has anyone here a similar love for space combat sims or in general the gritty romance of spacy sci-fi things? Let's discuss!

(I also love gritty spacy sci-fi RPs btw ^_~)