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Greetings all!
I'm AJ, I'm new to RRP, but not to RPing in general. The site I used to use is no longer operating. Not sure what happened there. I'm 32 (as of the time of writing this), normally live in North Carolina (so east coast USA) but I'm currently traveling abroad. My ability to be on the internet may be inconsistent. Meaning, if there's breaks between replies I apologize, but I'll give as much warning as I can.

I'm a big ol' nerd; sci-fi and fantasy is my usual game and I'm always looking to expand my horizons there within. When it comes to sci fi, I enjoy a lot of dystonia stories: Post apocalyptic, cyberpunk, etc; and every now and again a good space fairing game. When it comes to fantasy, I typically like DnD-ish high fantasy but more modern urban fantasy can really get me going.

Content wise, it's all a matter of discussion. The level of violence, language or *ahem* adult material; if it adds to the story, why leave it out? However, at the same time, things don't need to be forced just for the sake of "having it".

If you have any questions of me, I'm an open book... one that's really bad at talking about itself it seems.

Nova Wicked

Goddess of Inebriation
Welcome to the rebellion AJ we are stoked to have you a part of our little wite. You will find yourself in good company here we are really just a huge group of big ol' nerds. :D

While I am here I thought I would some helpful links to help get you started!

If you have not already you should go check out our Rules and Tips for Rebels to get a feeling of what is and is not allowed around here.

To get a role play started: check out either the Requests and Interest Checks or the Fandom Requests and Interest Checks. You can post a search up of your own or browse the ones other's have posted. I recommend doing a little bit of both to get going the fastest.

If you just want to hang out and get to know the people around here you can head over to the Casual Chatter section where we have places for you to show off your lovely face, share your creations, or play silly games with your fellow Rebels. You can also look down at the bottom of your browser to see a window for our Chat Rooms.

If you have any questions or need any help myself and the rest of the Rebellion Staffers are here and more than happy to help you.

Again welcome to the rebellion.

Nova <3