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I'm Mimicry, I'm twenty-five. I'm here to serve my guilty pleasure of roleplay. My characters are typically played in third person and include their personal thought process as an added touch. I'm good at playing multiple characters at once with one or two being more main characters and the rest being static to move the plot.I typically stick to 1X1 because I haven't had any luck with groups in the past. I enjoy many a genre, setting, and time period. My character are typically semi, I'm more dominant. I can play male and female character's comfortably. I DON'T DO ONE LINERS. Sometimes I get carried away when I write. I'm (above average?) literate.

I've been roleplaying since I was twelve, so thirteen years now. Onto the more real-lifey stuff? I'm a full-time student who went from wanting to work on people to wanting to work on cars. I'm tiny so this first semester in the auto program at my Uni will prove interesting. On top of going to school I also have a job. I'm married, we have a meowing hairy-baby. I'm dyslexic, that's an important one. I think that's enough brain-prodding on my part.

Lo DeBale

Slapstick Cenobite
Welcome mimicry. Mechanic is a great trade. Always work for grease monkies out there. My dad actually worked on bikes lol. Anyway, hope you're able to scratch that role playing itch here hon. And if I can help feel free to drop me a line. I'm always up to write opposite dominant characters heheh.