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Aenera Nareris

I'm Aenera Nareris, named after my favourite OC, but you can call me Amber if that's easier. I have based Aenera off myself a little bit, so she has the same birthday as me (22 years old). Oh, and I'm female. That's probably helpful information.
My favourite roleplays are generally medieval and fantasy, but I'm totally open to others. I've roleplaying since I was 13...9 years? Eh, my brain's a little fried. I also created Aenera when I was around 8 years old so she's basically the love of my life (I wish she was real sob).
Uh, anyway, I'd like to say that my grammar skills are pretty good, but my mind works faster than my hands so I'll make mistakes sometimes. I'm semi-literal I suppose, but I can do really long responses if I'm really into it or if there isn't too much dialogue coming from both characters.
I guess that's all.​