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  • How did you find RRP?
  • I am 27 years old, and going to answer all of these questions.
  • I am here to find some RP to get involved in to strengthen my writing skills, hopefully building up to the production of some original material to publish in some form, just for fun.
  • I don't really see the necessity of giving my real name, so I am just going to avoid doing so.
  • I can roleplay just about anything, although I am not too keen on weeb stuff, just never really liked it.
  • I am from MI, USA
  • I drive a truck and work as an intern for a small media company.
  • I have never had any interest in formal education, but I am a self-taught student of history and geo-politics, which I will not be discussing here.
  • I am always on top of current events the moment they drop, and I listen to hours worth of podcasts every day on just about any and all subjects.
  • I can do just about any type of music but my current favorites are synthwave and mid 2000's garage rock like the black lips.
  • I spend the majority of my time alone and the rest with my mother and sister, although I do not live with them. I have a few casual girlfriends and a pretty small social circle. I am just as comfortable at home reading a book as I am in the neon lit dystopia of the SE Michigan nightlife. To friends of the past I have served as a sort of personal therapist at times, for whatever reason people look to me for advice on many things, even though they probably shouldn't.
  • I have no pets at the moment.
  • Anything in the realm of German is definitely my favorite food, but it is a close tie with sushi.
  • Well, I went to the beach yesterday and other than that it is all podcasts and a bit of fitness related hobbies.
  • I am sort of misanthropic and years of sobering moments in life have led me to become rather numb. I cringe at myself for sounding so cliche, but it is really true. The last time I really cried was after two weeks of nofap and a very strenuous workout. It was kind of strange.
  • I did it loyally for about 6 months in higj school, then quit when I discovered women and marijuana.
  • I don't really into social media.
  • The name Otter is one I have used on various different sites, if it is available. They are a pretty cute animal and I like their solidarity in large groups.
  • I don't really do television too much anymore, but if I did watch TV I would probably watch the old cartoons that I watched growing up.
  • I am a funny guy in real life, pretty loud and extroverted, and I have a drinking problem.
  • The sort of RPs I am most interested in now would be the following.
  • War
  • Space
  • Fantasy
  • Western
  • Modern Fiction
  • Really looking forward to joining any RP and I will follow your rules as a newbie, being the Robin to your Batman at first. Please someone read this and invite me to join them because I am very indecisive about what to choose.
  • Thanks for reading

Lo DeBale

Slapstick Cenobite
Welcome otter. Hope you're able to find a great writing partner for yourself here. Best of luck my dude and happy writing.