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How Did You Start RPing?


Angel of the Lord
Pretty basic question, but I'd love to see what caused everybody to start RPing!

I started RPing when I was about 12 years old (I'm going to be 25 on the 20th). It was really basic stuff like writing notes back and forth to my friends in school. One friend of mine, Nicole, and I had this note where we were just writing actions and stuff with asterisks (thus why I always use *(insert action here)* ) It went on for quite a while. We would swap the note in English Class since we sat right near each other and even when we were out of school we would swap the note since her and I live within walking distance of one another. My first online RP forum I had ever been on was a Harry Potter RP. I don't even remember how I found it or how I even got there. Eventually, a group of people from that forum moved to another forum and created their own RPG. I joined up with them too since they were the members I RPed with the most on the other RPG.

At this time I was also on another RP site that was an InuYasha RP where @Eliah and I met and her and I gave been RPing together ever since.
I tried to get into RPs on Gaia since my brother created his own RP on there, but I couldn't for whatever reason. I have always preferred forum-like RPGs though. I don't really like RPing in PMs (unless it's little things like @Howahkan and I have been sending letters, diary entries, and texts between characters of ours in an RP we have going which is really fun :D )

The second HPRPG I was on made up of the majority of my RPing 'career.' I was there for ten years before some stupid drama drew me away from them and I went elsewhere. Elsewhere had drama too so a few of the staff and I created this Roleplaying forum instead.

My brother and I used to also write stories out to one another when our parents used to make us go to church to keep us entertained and I also did that with my now, best friend, @Squishums.

I've been writing for YEARS though. Not necessarily RPing, but like poetry and lyrics and stuff. I suppose writing has always been one of my passions.

Well that's my story about how RPing came to be a big part in my life. What are your stories?

Anyway that's my story about how RPing became a part of my life.

Miyuki Kjellberg

I started RPing when I was 11 after I got my first computer. I met a Dante Sparda RPer and he taught me how to roleplay. We stayed in contact for a very long time, he was a great influence on me. We would spend hours RPing together... My mother found out about it and took my computer, because she assumed RP was only erotic. It was quite funny, but here I am seven years later! :D


I have a pretty boring story. It was because of a high schooler I met at a school I was working at. I've been at it about 15 months and just sort of transitioned through things until I found my niche. I flutter around a lot until something just sort of clicks for me.

I've had a million muses it seems. I spent the first 10 months only doing original characters. I wasn't secure in doing anything else and it was my comfort. I rarely do an original character now, though I think have a few hanging out in my back pocket.


When I was 13 and saw the first Lord of the Rings movie, I joined a forum about that. One of the sections was an RP section, and when my first character walked into the Prancing Pony inn, I was hooked. Wrote a lot at first, then the interest tapered off, then I wrote fanfics, then got into another site that was active, then drama, then I did some here and there through the rest of the years from 2006. Trouble was I became an adult and went to Uni and got a job, etc. so time and interest fell off for awhile. But last year I got into a Tolkien RP, and it lit my desire to write in some again. I have expanded my interests .


I started role-playing when I was 9 because my cousin who lived two blocks away was DMing a D&D campaign, one of his members couldn't make it, and he needed someone to stand in BAD. I kinda got rushed into TTRPG as a result. It wasn't the greatest first experience since I was trying to learn the game AND play for the first time ever while matching pace with a bunch of impatient thirteen year olds who'd been playing for a little over a year. I managed to survive my first session though.

Ironically, my first relationship started over that same RP table a little short of a year later when my cousin was running another game, needed a stand-in (it had become a regular thing after I'd agreed to it once, I had precious little to occupy myself with on weekends since my parents had shared custody and my dad had fallen for the whole "videogames cause violence" shtick.* He thankfully fell out of it by the time I entered my teens) and a girl roughly my age was around his table. One thing led to another and the campaign got "ruined by cooties" as my cousin put it at the time. The relationship didn't last long, but it was my first ever case of bonding with someone over RPing.

(*SIDENOTE: Videogames and TV do not make you violent, but I'd say not having my TV was making me pretty freaking violent. Ironic in hindsight since I barely even spend any time with it anymore nowadays but... oh well. Now back to the RP background)

When my cousin moved away and D&D fell out of my life around my eleventh birthday, I had to find some other activity to make my weekends busy-like. I turned to the internet, googled RPing out of boredom and somehow landed on a forum website. I transitioned from there in a blur to many sites with either a focus on or elements of role-playing, and ended up sticking to my main hangout of late which I won't disclose since I don't want to break the ToS Guideline about advertising for other sites. That said, I love it there.

From there, I ended up pouring out onto other sites including this one, mostly in search of variety. The sad thing about being on the same site for 8 years is that eventually you run out of people to RP with. As much as I like the RPs and people there, novelty is the spice of life, and I like meeting new people both on and off the computer. Venturing out here and there just seems to be my way of doing that.