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How To Get What You Want

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Rebellion is a site made by roleplayers for roleplayers. This is YOUR site, and if you want to see something done, guess what, YOU have the power to get it.
How to make a suggestion:

Give us a summary of your suggestion so we can get a concise idea of what it is you are looking for. Then, if you feel it is applicable, give us a more detailed explanation of your suggestion. Including any links or images you have that give us more of an idea of how to achieve what it is you are looking to add to your site.

Make sure that you add a poll to your post with two options: For and Against. That way other members of the site can vote for or against your suggestion. If, once the poll receives 10 votes, there are more votes for the suggestion than against it, the suggestion will be implemented. That is unless the suggestion is not feasible with the resources Rebellion has available.

If funding is required for the suggestion a donation pool will be started and once funding is achieved.

This is your site, make it that way.
Not open for further replies.