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I feel old lol


World Breaker
First and foremost, I found this site via one I have been acquainted with for some time. Macabre of Writing. Although admittedly the first click was an accident, I found the layout and what I read to be both relaxed and enjoyable so I stayed to lurk more. Its been roughly... uh, lets see... almost 18 years since I started PbP rp'ing and although I hit a peak near the end of my highschool career and early into my adulthood, Ive been a writer since I can remember. I enjoy writing alone, and composing dense worlds as well as fleshed out and unique characters to fill them, but there really is nothing like building a story with the inspiring and sometimes unnerving interactions with another person.

I have written countless pages of content thats disappeared into the ether and although it doesnt bother me to see my writing fade away into obscure darkness, I do prefer the feeling that at any time I can return to a page, or a site, and see pieces here and there for further inspiration.

My name is Kenneth, but I prefer to go by Ken, and outside of writing and the average working schedule of a "normal" adult, Im an avid gamer as well. (Go figure right lol)

I do look forward to reading through the site as much as possible and learning from the varied writing styles that exist within it. Though I may not be one for a consistent rp, I do plan on being around enough to at least write a few paragraphs here and there. Even if its to myself just to release tension or to work on something Im trying to finalize.

If you believe we've spoken before, or want to figure out if you've seen me writing somewhere else on the internet, feel free to ask anytime. I may be an unknown random, but perhaps we've crossed paths elsewhere.

I'd love to find an RP sooner rather than later on the site, but I understand full well how schedules and timing work for these things. So I shall remain patient and hope for either a message or reply to those I have attempted to speak to.

PS: Although the chances are almost null, I hope somewhere here I can find someone I used to write with. As vast as the internet, and as long lived as rp's can be, the possibility still exists, and I shall hold out hope for it :)
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World Breaker
Im very rarely here, as admittedly, Ive found a better site for me. With that said, thank you for the greeting, and maybe someday we shall get to write together XD

I found this place and planed on sticking around, but something about the layout, and the low daily writer count has me wandering away from it.