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I need coffee...

Lo DeBale

Slapstick Cenobite
Hi there, Lo here. Forgive me if my intro is a bit low energy. Summer saps my pep like a bowl full of hungry leeches. Anyway, I'm guessing introductions require me to spill my guts just a smidge. So, uhh... I'm 30, a sagittarius, and enjoy gaming, anime, and action, horror and comedy films of the raunchy and or schlocky variety when I'm not writing. I'm also kind of an edgy prick with a dry sense of humor so if so if you're easily offended you might just wanna keep your distance as I dont tend to filter myself. But if you can handle a bit of light hearted shit talk and banter then we'll probably get along pretty well.

That all said, I've been writing and role playing for over a decade and my interests therein are pretty diverse. I dig everything smutty, bloody and character driven most of all though. And I also tend to prefer some humor in my plots cause nothing bores me quite as much as a story that takes itself too seriously. Especially if its written by an amateur on the internet like myself lmao.

Anyway, userbase here seems kinda modest in the numbers department but after using a few forums with member counts well into the thousands and finding them to be kinda trash in general I dont think that matters so much. I just hope the community here is a bit more laied back then some of the other places I've been. Time will tell I suppose.

Welp, feel free to message me and make fun of my cringy avatar or call me a dick. My pm's are open to any and all. I should have a request thread/interest check thingy posted soon... eventually.... when I feel like it. But I also just finished downloading farcry blood dragon soooo....