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I'm tough rebel, better watch out for me.


Spoiler alert: I'm new and trying to wet my feet with this place, if you feel like sending me your general thoughts of this site, or just want to say hi- I'd really appreciate it. I've only recently returned to rp and writing after a 2 year hiatus and before that was probably a longer hiatus, so I'm alittle rusty and still getting the hang of it. I also havn't been part of a lucritive rp in a long long time but would love to be. Also, I'm probably looking for some rp's that are more casual/open to goofy or fun ideas. I just came from a fairly large site that I wanted to try out and sadly it wasn't working out. Idk, I think people find me annoying- so fair warning of that.
I also notice that romance rp's seem to be BLOWING up everywhere now. I fully understand that every story is better with romance and alittle will-they-won't-they, but romance for the sake of romance? I'm just gonna go ahead and possibly ostracize myself right now and say I'm not really into it. I enjoy adventure, whimsy and wonder, strong emotions, humor, combat, and general sillyness. I mean... it's rp, come on.
I really like playing minute characters or what would normally be Npc's to spice up your- YES YOU, RIGHT THERE READING THIS RIGHT NOW! YOUR rp! Or just messing around. Probably one of the most fun rp's I had participated in had a PC by the name of Jasper Lahorn. So I created my character as Jespar Laspike, it was his evil twin and opposite whom Jasper had defeated in battle but now came back from the dead with demonic power and had a terrible tendency to attack him at a moments notice! I try to ask people before going alittle too cocoa puffs now but hopefully this starts to paint a picture.
I can do serious, less cinematic stuff too- totally! But right now im just in a weird mood. So yeah, hope to rp with you and cook up some fun!
I am currently working on a board game, and I like to keep afew websites up in the background for momentary distractions so I can be on alot in the coming week!


Pᴇʟᴠɪᴄ Sᴏʀᴄᴇʀʏ
Welcome to Rebellion! We're glad you decided to join us. I really hope you enjoy your time here and if there's anything that I can do to make that transition easier, please let me know. And don't be afraid to approach Staff, I swear we're not bots! We're people too and we like to write as well!

Rebellion has been up and running for several years now and our staff and members are friendly and approachable! c:

I believe we have a worldbuilding forum where you can compile your ideas, or maybe recruit people who would be interested in participating while you build your game!!