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Intro time? Intro time.


Ultimate Tea Consumer
Heyo. I found RRP during an extremely aggressive Google-based hunt for a new roleplay site. I've been looking for a site that's big enough to be decently well established ruleswise, 18+ only without being focused on NSFW content, and isn't so utterly massive that there's a whole site meta I'll never catch up on: I'm really hoping this will be my new home.

I'm a prolific writer when it comes to personal work, not in any way published but certainly aspiring to be a novelist. One of my odd specialties is worldbuilding: I've been known to produce narratives, settings, and characters in mass if given the opportunity. That said I do prefer to fall back on a few favorites. I absolutely adore the fantasy genre, particularly when the fantastic world is tucked just out of relatively modern human view, as well as clunky, gritty cyberpunk and scifi.

In terms of roleplaying and content level, I like to let my characters write themselves. I am in no way afraid to allow a character to have an entirely different opinion or way of thinking from my own, nor do I expect that their lives won't get down and dirty in any sense of the words. I typically prefer to respond with at least one paragraph, I like to roll for my combat responses (although I don't expect my partner to do the same), and I come armed with a small multiverse of content I'd really love to flesh out with other people. I also do some loosely fandom-based roleplay on occasion.

Personal-wise, I like to think I'm pretty soft and cuddly. My casual chat looks a lot more like an awkward blob of capsless word-vomit, punctuated with emotes and the occasional "owo". There was a time in my life where that was ironic, I swear. I play Minecraft and I draw/write stuff. Sometimes I drink hard cider but only at home, since "tolerance" doesn't seem to be in my body's vocabulary. Once I find someone I care about, I like to think of myself as the mom friend and I'll be the first person to tell you that maybe you shouldn't get that tattoo of your one-week boyfriend's name. If you need someone to rant about your characters to, hit me up. Just don't be surprised if you get some of those paragraphs returned in kind at 2 AM.