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Just a weeb looking for some fandom rp I can't find elsewhere (Soul Eater)


Pansexual nerd
Hello, nice to meet you! You can call me Amatsu, Ama, or any similar nickname you can come up with.

I've been role-playing for perhaps four or five years now. I consider myself literate but I'm still willing to rp with people who are semi-lit or prefer writing shorter replies. The more engaged I am in the story, the more I'll write usually. Since I'm learning Japanese and a lot of my characters are of Japanese origin, I'll often write the story in English but include OOC notes on translations. (For example, writing a character's speech normally but emphasizing OOC that they have an accent, or certain speech mannerisms.)

I'm in some sort of niche fandoms, mostly anime from years ago that are difficult to find partners for. I came here hoping to find partners for a Soul Eater AU I have. I have a bit of a crush on Kurona/Crona, and I'm a pansexual LGBTQ+ supporter. I'd be happy to chat OOC!~

Really, I'm just a lonely weeb looking for rp partners or friends to chat with. In a small city in the midst of the current pandemic, I'm at home literally all day and I'm often bored. As such, I reply to conversations and rps as quickly as I can, usually within 20 minutes. I enjoy role-playing with active partners as well, but I consider myself to be fairly patient so I don't mind less active users.

That's really all you need to know about me!