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KitKat Says Hello!


Hiya to all the wonderful people of Earth and the forums! I’m Katrina but I prefer to go by Kat or Kitten. Somewhere along the way I seem to have acquired the nickname KitKat as well. So might as well add that to my list too. >^__^<

While I am new to this site I have been roleplaying for years. When a bunch of friends started playing online like Starcraft. I happily followed on to Battle.net (I miss the old Bnet…) I was quite content to game sometimes, but I really was there for the social interactions. I could never have imagined that my role play virginity was taken via software that really wasn’t designed for lots of writing. That was probably a good thing too because I was pretty useless. I might have thought my one-liners were pretty epic, but I’m sure plenty of people disagreed! However, that was a long time ago and I’ve since learned that paragraphs tend to be much better received.

My interests when it comes to rping are many and varied. I love sex and smut as much as the next person and the occasional fast fling is great. However, I love working with my rp patners to create dynamic, more detailed and longer in nature. If you prefer rping where sex isn’t the focus then I’m your girl! Aren’t good at coming up with stories or want a longer rp but worried about it going flat? Talk to me! I am very creative and I adore coming up with new, wonderful (and probably just a ‘little’ twisted) plots.

My favorite kinds of rps tend to be either fantasy or sci-fi based. Historical, and modern themes score high too. I prefer to play using two-legged (don’t care if its human, angel, demon, elven, etc) females. However, if you have an excellent idea I could be open to playing for the other side if the rp needs it. Likewise, if needed I can play multiple characters at once too. Whether its romance, fantasy, sci-fi, sex oriented, battle-driven, the common and mundane, or exotic and impossible, if it sounds interesting and fun, LETS RP! ^__^

I’m sure there are plenty of things that I should include that I’m not so please feel free to ask me anything! I look forward to having fun, and meeting the fantastic people here! If it isn't obvious now, I love to chat, meet people and make new friends. So please feel free to message me any time.

Taoist Panda

Welcome! I gained a lot of my friends gaming so I feel your story. Let us know if you need anything and check out the requests sections for other new folks or even some vets that can help you navigate.