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MxF Male seeking dark-minded women



I'm a male looking for corruptible or already corrupted females only. Explore your darkest fantasies with me.

The best posts are multiple paragraphs in which character emotions are explored in addition to the action at hand.

My stories all have plots and plenty of smut. Some are violent. Some become deadly.

Latest favorite is The Lottery, a spin on the famous Shirley Jackson short story. Longstanding tradition requires that all of the couples in a town must attend an annual banquet in which a drawing is held. The woman selected will be brought onto stage to be gangbanged, humiliated, and abused by everyone in attendance. It's a large gathering. She might not survive.

Or try A Scam Goes Bad. Two con-artists, male and female, tap into a dark undercurrent of high society and invite couples to attend a private penthouse party for $10,000 per couple. Those in attendance will be allowed to gangbang, humiliate, and abuse the female half of the con-artist duo all night long. Our hero and heroine plan to sneak out, of course, before the mayhem begins. But sadly, their exit gets blocked.

Something tamer? We can do a couple seeking a partner for their first threesome. Can be either male or female.

Or a couple in a movie theater. A stranger sitting next to the wife begins groping her. When she tells her husband, he tells her to spread her legs.

I have plenty of other ideas. Just PM to ask or suggest one of your own.


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gloвal мoderaтor
Hi! Welcome to RPH. I'm sure you might be able to find someone up your alley by searching the interest checks, or you can always post your own. Happy hunting!