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Missing Threads

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Angel of the Lord
Saturday 1 Dec 2018

Hello Rippers!

Just a quick announcement about threads so y'all aren't freaking out if one of your threads have disappeared. I am currently moving them around and deleting them according to these standards:

All threads that are older than 2 years and have had no activity/the users who created the threads or were involved in the threads have been inactive for over 2 years have been deleted.

Threads that are a year old with no activity have been moved to archives, save for request threads of active users. You are considered inactive if you have not logged in for 90+ days/3 months. Your threads will be moved to the archives for a year in case you return.

Friendly reminder that we delete inactive accounts, so if you come back and let an Admin (Me, Nova Wicked, or Rogue ) know who you were, we will restore the threads or send them to you so you can copy/paste into a new thread if you want.

That's all for now. Thanks y'all and have a good weekend!

Not open for further replies.