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New to this site, but not to RP


Contessa of Lust
I'm not the best at introductions, but here it goes. I found this site from a friend mentioning it to me. When it comes to roleplay I enjoy all types. I have three cats who are like my kids and have the tendency to walk on my laptop at times. I have been RPing for about six years or so, I'm not the best and I try to get better all the time with my writing. I am happily married, my husband likes reading some of my writing to help with my creativity. I am 28 years old, and live in West Virginia. I'm pretty easy to get along with, as long as you can be respectful. I work midnights four days out the week, and might not get on during those days since I tend to sleep most of the day. I love playing games on the pc and console. I also love to read, and listen to music. One of my favorite bands is In This Moment. But I listen to all kinds of music. My username was created by me and a friend, the last name is a play on words for my character as she is a succubuss. I have currently started watching shadowhunters, but my favorite shows are supernatural, smallville(not very far into the series though), and vikings. I am looking for fun and interesting partners to write with.

Taoist Panda

Hello! Welcome to the site. I enjoyed reading your story and I am huge fan of the Vikings series and 'Vikings' as a historical subject in general. Anywho, let us know if you need help with anything and check out the Request section for other new users and some forum vets.