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Nieva's totally (un)cool introduction.


an artist on fire.
Hi! My name’s Nieva but you can call me Ni, Eva, or whatever the hell you want! I’ll answer to anythin’, honest.

I’m a full time college student, and part time writing enthusiast! I have six years experience under my belt, and would like to think I’m somewhat literate. I write primarily in third person, past tense. I can give anywhere between two-ten paragraphs, always more, never less.

My favourite genres are, dark romance, horror, fantasy, and quite literally...anything else. Please be warned that I’m a crazy rambler, whether it be from excitement or nervousness, I can ramble ‘bout everything and anything, please help me.

I think that’s it for now! I’ll add more information ‘bout me in my upcoming request thread - so be sure to check that out! I look forward to writing with you all and possibly, hopefully, becoming friends. ♡︎