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Random Facts About You!


SSG Jacob Brown

1. Fact: though I have spent most of my life trying to protect those who can't protect themselves, but I have profound hate of those who I find weak, slow, stupid, or morally wrong. I try not to but it's there.

2. Fact: I have been to war twice and I have never killed anyone, not have I ever lost a soldier in combat... but I have seen to much death.

3. Fact: I have three winer dogs and my lol mut. I also have a baby on the way with my wife.

4. Fact: I like Anime, Videogames, and I have a deep love of all those who support my boys. I mean that. I love you.


ܜܔ Ɽ₳₩Ɽ ܔ
gloвal мoderaтor
Fact: I obsess with things that smell good.
Fact: I love coffee. So much in fact I am a Barista.
Fact: Because of said occupation I perpetually am covered in mocha, Caramel, and a mixture of different syrups, and I tend to smell and taste like coffee.
Fact: I obsess with the apocalypse. Have since I was really young.
Fact: I LOVE dogs. I love all animals, but dogs are my favorite. <3
Fact: I love broccoli and mushrooms. Preferably together, in my Alfredo sauce, but will eat raw and separately.
Fact: Pineapples do go on pizza.
Fact: I work too much.

Nova Wicked

Goddess of Inebriation
Fact: Sharks are my favorite animal.
Fact: My favorite color is anything on the blue-green scale including green-blue.
Fact: I am obsessed with the Horror Genera.
Fact: I eat cheddar cheese and peanut butter sandwiches.
Fact: I could not read until I was in the 6th grade.


Fact: I'm blue green colorblind, despite being female ~kinda makes me a genetic anomaly~

Fact: My favorite color is dark pink

Fact: I spent the summer at the University of Salamance, Spain. I received a full scholarship to attend a summer study program there.

Fact: I hear Spanish well enough, but speak it a little less well... I'm best at reading/writing in Spanish. My classes over the summer were in Spanish, so I imporved pretty drastically.

Fact: I've postponed my move to New Zealand because circumstances have changed

Fact: I will (begrudgingly) attend a physical university next year, rather than take online courses

Fact: I plan to major in biology

Kotetsu "Tiger" Gryffin

Fact: I'm obsessed with anything involving otters, pandas and octopuses (don't ask) Friends have found this the easiest way to win an argument with me... show me an otter pic and I break.

Fact: My favourite colour is blue. Any blue, I'm not blueist, I'll love em all.

Fact: I'm currently studying Psychology and Sociology at college and planning to either further this to study Criminology as part of a forensic psychology course at Uni or take a teaching course (criminals or kids? Don't know which I'd rather)

Fact: I have a lil doggo called Barney. He's a 4 year old cocker spaniel and he means the world to me.

Fact: I ADORE Stephen King novels, his are the only books that have ever genuinely scared me. No one else even comes close.

Fact: I can be quite superstitious about select things. Such as I never walk over three drains in a row - to me its bad luck. And I believe in ghosts. Also, I have 5 tattoos and I need to make this an even number...

Fact: Due to my dad's accent, whenever I get hyper or drunk, my accent turns Glaswegian (I'm from Edinburgh so the two are totally different)
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Taoist Panda

My favorite snack is peanut butter. Just peanut butter. I have two jars in the pantry, typically. There's the eatin' jar (see above) and there's the spreadin' jar. For, uh, spreadin'.


Fact: My life revolves around animals, I spend almost every day studying them, working with them or volunteering with them.

Fact: I'm planning to change my major from a major in biology to a double major with psychology because I'm terrified I can't get into the program I want and need a back up plan.

Fact: I'm probably one of the most independent and responsible 21 year olds you'll ever meet, I became a full fledged adult when I was 16.

Fact: Roleplaying is how I escape the anxiety that is my treacherous life.

Fact: I'm a little horse crazy, I'll probably be a rancher one day.


gloвal мoderaтor
Fact. I have five beautiful, and fun egg laying hens and don't eat eggs.

Fact. I am an avid hunter, but I am a C.V.T. (veterinary tech.)

Fact. I live in a state that is one of the larger in miles, and has less people then Denver Colorado.

Fact. I am lazy, but when it counts I will move the moon.

Fact. My father in-laws is a jerk, and melts for kittens. Who also happens to be the toughest SOB I have ever met. It's cute. My husband is worried the cat will inherit the ranch lol. (Joking)

Fact. I love beer, but I think I'm allergic to hopps.. sigh..

Fact. I snort laugh... alot.

Maddison Gray

Fact : I'm really possitive person even I suffer to a strong depression
Fact: I love animals, and helping others
Fact: I recently started to living alone after 3 years
Fact: Soon I will have bd and I will be completely alone
Fact: I love my dog more than most people I know :D


Fact: Ever since I've read Glamocalypse's facts, I've been wanting to taste them >.> That's weird, right?
Fact: I'm 6'4"
Fact: I'm Canadian
Fact: I was a semi-professional boxer until I had to have two knuckles of my dominant hand replaced by a steel plate.
Fact: I am left-handed and my left hand is a full pound heavier than my right.
Fact: I am bilingual, natively French.
Fact: I have an unreasonable hatred of bears due to an incident in my teens where one slapped me into a tree and disfigured me. I now have a scar on my nose that I'm still somewhat self-conscious about to this day.
Fact: I judge people by their ability (perceived or proven) to take a punch.
Fact: I have CIP
Fact: I'm schizophrenic.
Fact: I sleep every 2 to 3 days due to mild functional insomnia.
Fact: Even though I'm 25, I've been living on my own for the last 8 years.