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Restart the Tower Of Opression

Are you for or against restarting it?

  • For

  • Against

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My suggestion is as can be seen in the title, but here are my reasons behind this suggestion;

  • Given the last couple of posts were quite some time ago, I'm afraid people aren't joining the current Floor 1 thread simply because they fear it's been too long and they'd have to wait on posts that'd never come.
  • I think four people for the first thread ever in the Tower of Opression might actually be one too many, for similar reasons.
  • It would be need to give some more details on the creatures of the floor to get the imagination going and establish what the monster is capable of, though that's optional I feel it could be a plus.
  • The new first thread might summon interest simply because it's fresh out of the oven.
  • I kinda wanna give climbing the ToO a whirl, and will post in the current thread, but I'd like not to spend a half decade in limbo waiting for someone else to post again if at all possible.
  • A site's activity brings in new members which brings in more attention to active content which brings in more attention from others to the site proper, which brings in more daily votes for the site, which makes it climb the rankings, and the circle continues.
  • What harm could it do, really, seeing as the ToO only has two non-Rebel posts thus far?