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Things You Have Always Wanted To Do!


Angel of the Lord
Self-explanatory. What are some things you have always wanted to do? Feel free to share! No matter how weird you may think it sounds, this is a safe and non-judgemental zone :)

I've always wanted to:
-Cliff dive
-Travel the world
-Get in the car and just drive with no destination in mind. Just pick random turns here and there and see where I end up.
-Move to California, but I would drive out there and stop in towns and cities that I've always wanted to visit on the way.

What have you always wanted to do?


Piggy Princess
gloвal мoderaтor
Try all the foods I can get my hands on (that I'm allowed to eat)


I really want to go to Jump school. I mean how awesome would it be to be able to jump out of planes for a living with 100lbs of gear heading head first to a combat zone. Wait maybe thats just me and my crazy self. But I still want to do it.


Write books and become a famous tattoo artist/ artist even own a huge book store and art gallery/ coffee shop that also sells Ice cream.
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ܜܔ Ɽ₳₩Ɽ ܔ
gloвal мoderaтor
So... I have one but it's kinda few step typea thing.

1) Get dog
2) Train dog to dance
3) Enter dog-human dance competitions
4) ???
5) Profit.


Figure skate-haha.
Go to Japan
Publish my stories

Be in at least looking contact of Charlie Hunnam. In person, like if I screamed his name he'd probably do something like this:

Complete another roleplay
Get on a plane


  • Live off my writing... based on my current yearly income percentage, I'm about 2% there. Thank you children's book I wrote in high-school.
  • Have a sexual encounter involving more than 5 partners at once. Make that 6 once I check that one off the list.
  • Get back into boxing, which is impossible due to the metal plate in my left hand as a result of re-constructive surgery.
  • Get a nail to put up the family coat of arms I just got in my grandfather's will. I'll probably get around to that one this weekend.
  • Fist fight a fantastical creature.
  • Die in a way so absurdly fantastic people will stare in awe at my gravestone until its no longer legible.