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Well Hello There!


Ah yes, yet another new person here on the site. Shouldn't really be that surprising, given the section I'm posting in. But anyway, I'm Ylva, and you can call me, well, Ylva. I'm easy like that. In fact, you can come up with just about any other nickname you'd like. I'm not picky. But anyway, you can say I've been around the block a time or two. I've been doing forum roleplaying for oh, about 13 years or so now. Started with the whole Warrior Cats craze back when I was a kid, something I'm not quite too proud to admit. Thankfully I've grown a lot as a writer since then. I'm also working on an actual book with a friend of mine, so I guess you can say writing is more than just a hobby for me. As far as what I write, well, I'm generally most familiar and comfortable with fantasy and action/adventure stories. Most will have some sort of historical basis, although I'm not strict on keeping all the details in tact. I enjoy including some romance in stories, although it should never be the main point of them. I have a few select fandoms I write in, but really they're mostly inspirations, rather than actually writing canon stuff. And I've done sci-fi and modern stories on rare occasion, but they're not my forte. So yeah, I'm more of a high fantasy, sword and sorcery sort of person.

As far as other hobbies... Well, I do enjoy baking, but I don't know if I'd call that a hobby, since it is usually my full-time job as well. You know, when I actually have a job. I'm trying to start up a cottage food business making cookies, but with everything going on in the world right now... Yeah, not having a whole lot of luck at the moment. I recently started trying out D&D, something I'm sure plenty of people in roleplaying communities like this enjoy. I'm the DM, not really surprising given my absolute obsession with world building and whatnot. Basically my current group is three family members and one friend who lives half a country away and joins us via video chat. So yeah, we're not experts by any means, but it is kind of fun. I also read a lot (shocker!), and I enjoy going target shooting. Archery, not with guns. And I love games too. Not video games, that's never been my cup of tea, but I've got a lot of really fun board games I enjoy playing with my family. They've gotten a lot of use recently, what with quarantine and all that.

Ahem. Sorry, I guess I prattled on longer than I meant to there. Hopefully I didn't bore you quite to tears yet. But anyway, I'm really looking forward to settling into a new site and meeting some great people, so I look forward to hearing from y'all!