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What Would YOU Like to See More Of?


Angel of the Lord
Hello fellow Rippers!

As we pride ourselves in saying this site is run by the users, I'd like to see some ideas everybody has to make the site more involved. For instance, what kind of Add-Ons would you like to see? Other Features? Contest suggestions? Anything you can think of! I know we don't have a lot of features currently, but hat is why I am asking what you would like to see more of. Share your ideas and suggestions here!



I liked it when people's statuses were on the front page.. I think people like to see what everyone else is up to.. it makes it easier to check out comments and activity and people are more likely to click on someone's post and interact with them too that way. :)


More of a cosmetic element, but I would like it if the site's overall background could be slightly darkened (roughly 20%) as white, default-colored, text is difficult to read over the paler white elements of the background. THAT SAID: Black text would actually be far worse and I think white should remain the default.


I am a Nemo, I create Nodes.
It would be really cool to see some more BBCode options like divs and such. I noticed the list is pretty restricted and the [tabs] doesn't work. Having divs let's people personalize their posts and feel more... "at home."[/tabs]