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Why are you so weird?



I dress weird meaning I wear purple and black stockings/red lace long sleeved top/red and plaid school girl skirt/red asian flower corset /gray lipstick /red eye-shadow/dark blue eyeliner/rainbow elastic retro chokers/one black arm corset with red ribbon/black spiked swade ankle boots.


  • When I'm bored waiting in line or some such, I ask myself "What would I do if a fight broke out right this instant?" and imagine the zaniest scenarios.
    For example; the elderly woman in front of me pulling out nunchucks and swinging at me, then a lion breaking through the window and mauling someone, zombies beginning to pour in from the opening the lion made as I fight off ninja-granny in the most Jackie Chan-esque choreography I could possibly come up with, dodging the bullets from the guy behind the counter whom pulled out a 12 gauge somewhere in there and is haphazardly trying to take out zombies THROUGH ME for whatever reason... it escalates from there and suddenly I'm at the counter and being told if that'll be everything as I absent-mindedly empty my cart on automatic.
  • I eat whole apples. Core, seeds, stem and all.
  • I actually like the taste of scotch.
  • I sometimes forget my food is already spicy to begin with and add hot sauce or some such. I don't notice until others at the table stare at me with horrified expressions.
  • I sometimes forget my abnormal tolerance to pain is, well, abnormal, and get weirded out when people express their pain outwardly.
    "How did that possibly hurt? It barely broke the skin! Your bone isn't even poking out or anything!"
  • I cannot focus on someone's lips without thinking of them kissing me or...
    performing fellatio on me.
  • I hate people by default until they prove they stand out from everyone else in some way I don't find absolutely repulsive.