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Dark Yours Truly, Vul.

Vulpes Moon

☾ VUL ☽
Hello, hello! My name is Vulpes Moon, but you can just call me Vul. It's nice to meet you - all of you, whoever sees this... whoever hasn't gotten bored already, haha! I'm here for a fresh roleplaying scene and this place looks very promising. I actually don't have much skill in small talk, especially about myself, but I'm open to questions. ^~^

What you really need to know, I suppose, is that I have 2+ years of roleplaying and writing experience. Without bragging, I consider myself to be a literate writer who is very focused on details, especially when it comes to sensory descriptions and imagery. I love to set a scene in crystal clarity. To accomplish this I really get into the headspace of my characters, like I'm actually right there in the scene with them. I only have a small number of characters, but I've had years to develop them. They really are my pride and joy, sooo I very much look forward to sharing them with you!

What am I looking for, though?... As I said, a new scene. A fresh community to interact with. Unfamiliar minds to create stories with. Writing and roleplaying is my ultimate hobby; really, it's a passion. Therefore I do my best to put my heart into it. It means a lot to me. Not to be dramatic or anything, haha. I'm also looking for darker/Mature rps, as this is something I'm wanting to explore more lately.

As a roleplayer, dark themes consistently in my writing are violence/gore, drug/alcohol abuse, mental illness and trauma. This isn't all of my writing, but this is what I'm here to explore more of, and so I'm afraid anything I write here will not be for the faint of heart. I do consider my writing beautiful in its own way, not despite of the darkness, but because of it. That being said, like everyone else I have my boundaries. I 100% promise that I will not cross your boundaries, because I believe you will not cross mine.

Something else that is important to me is that I can maintain a clear and open line of communication with my roleplaying partner. I talk about my characters and try to discuss whatever plot we are doing a lot, and so if you like that, great! I think we'll get along well.

Okay, perhaps I can gather up enough nerve to talk about Vul a bit.
+ you can use any pronoun for me { she/he/they }. I really am completely neutral. Don't be worried about offending me.
+ my username comes from the scientific name for the red fox, and from my love for the moon. 'vul' is just quicker to say. i like the ring it has to it, do you?
+ i really, really, really love music. it's a huge part of what inspires my writing and characters.
+ i. am. shy. don't take it personally, i love everyone, but i have a hard time socializing.
+ my shyness actually goes deeper than 'just introversion' as i have struggled with anxiety and panic disorder since i was 11 { i'm 20 now }
+ most of my time is spent in my room, it's my safe haven from the world. mostly i write and play video games.
+ i have a birthmark in the shape of a peculiarly large bean on my back. some say birthmarks showed where/how/what killed you in a previous life. death by... bean?
+ i read tarot cards
+ i drink way too much coffee. seriously, it's a wonder my heart hasn't given up yet.
+ if i were a supernatural creature, i'd definitely be a vampire. a nice one, though, at least i would hope so.
+ i'm a pacifist - though many of my characters are not!
+ half of my family has military/law enforcement background, the other half are composed of criminals! fun, right?
+ there is nothing that soothes this beast more quickly and effectively than the scent of lavender

I think that's enough for now! Hopefully this wasn't too terribly long and boring to read. As I'm literally brand new here, I'm still figuring out how stuff works so it's likely to be a bit before I really come out of my shell. Still, I look forward to getting to know some people and hopefully finding some new roleplays!

On a final note, I'm really glad to be here. ^-^

Vulpes Moon

☾ VUL ☽
Hmm, one more thing I should mention! I only do MxM pairings. All of my characters are male, and while I will roleplay with a female character, there won't be any romance or smut themes unless it's MxM. Just my preference~