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Board Name: Black Dahlia

Board Url: https://blackdahliaroleplaying.com/index.php

About the Board: Black Dahlia Roleplaying is a new adult forum where we allow your creativity to blossom. Whether you are a new or experienced roleplayer - this is the place where you can focus on writing with other people, character development and much more. Black Dahlia is a transparent, safe and fledged community where the member comes first.

Our members are 18+ and we maintain a multigenre community. There is a spot for everyone on Black Dahlia Roleplaying.


Board Name: Dream Realms Roleplaying
Board Link: http://www.dreamrealmsroleplaying.com
About the Board: Be as creative as you want without the feeling of being judged or turned away. What ever your tastes in role plays whether you choose to reside in the Sweet Dreams area for sweet vanilla content or to be as dark as you want in the Nightmare Realms.


Board Name: Departed Fantasy
Board Link: http://www.departedfantasy.com/
About the Board: A non-canon Final Fantasy roleplay forum. A unique forum that lets you, as a roleplayer, determine the events of the world. Strike fear into the land with a powerful sky pirate crew, form your own kingdom, or mercilessly hunt other characters who have bounties. But beware, choices have consequences. Shape yourself to no forum, let the forum shape to you!


Board Name: Macabre of Writing

About the Board: At Macabre of Writing we are a laid back community who doesn't believe in putting restrictions on our writers, Our staff is very kind and will treat you like you are one of our own because when you join Macabre of Writing or as we call it MoW, we are a family!


Board Name: RPG Fix
Board Link: www.rpgfix.com
About the Board: RPGfix was born because of a need to sort through and categorize the multitudes of RPG sites that blink into existence every day — from the massive multi-server games to the smaller niche games.

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